Habit Hand Tied Extensions

Before & Afters- Habit Hand Tied Hair Extensions

Habit Hand-tied Extensions • Get ready to LOVE your hair.

Kelsie Gibson, owner of Gibson and Co, hasn’t been THIS excited about a hair extension method since she became HotHeads Certified in 2010.


She traveled to L.A. in the summer of 2018 to become Habit Hand-tied Extension Certified and quickly mastered this technique.


The results are amazing.


These extensions don’t require glue or tape, so you’ll enjoy hair extensions with little to no damage to your real hair! They’re the safest, most natural looking option.


They’re also the most comfortable of all hair extensions.


Know what else you’ll absolutely love?


You can wear your hair any way you like with them- high ponies, braids, buns…any style is possible!

A free consultation is required before making an appointment. Come see us in the salon or do a phone consultation.

Before we can quote an accurate price, we need to be clear on where your hair is now and exactly how you want to change it.



Here’s what we’ll need:


  • Salon consultations: a goal picture so that we can see exactly what you’re trying to achieve in color, volume and length.


  • Phone consultations: along with a goal picture, we’ll need a current hair picture taken in natural light. That way, we can see exactly what we’re starting with.

Extensions can be worn 6-10 weeks.


Pricing is based on rows, length, and fullness, but you can see general estimates below.

Long Hair Extensions- Ombre
Hair Extensions Austin Texas
Hair Extensions Austin Texas


A deposit is required at the time of booking your appointment to cover the purchase of the hair.


  • 14 inch length starting at 800+
  • 18 inch length starting at 900+
  • 22 inch length starting at 1,000+
  • 24 inch length starting at 1,200+

All extensions include: 


  • Application
  • Color or tone
  • Blending cut and style



Maintenance is needed every 6 – 10 weeks.

Pricing for move up is $200 for first row and $100 each additional row.

Before & Afters- Habit Hand Tied Hair Extensions

Long Hair Extensions- Ombre
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